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Night clubs in Almaty and Nightlife in Almaty

Alma- Ata city, very warm , fun, diverse , and here you can enjoy the antiquity and modernity . Many entertainment spots , the city is full of nightlife. People are loving leisure can go to Alma- Ata.

Club Admiral Nelson , and there is a striptease and erotic shows and karaoke, dancing here very attractive girls , mostly European cuisine, even the most humorless people have fun in this club.

Address: Kabanbai Batyra 71,  Tel.:+7 701 385 90 11

Nightclub Cabaret Kakadu entrance fee required there , always playing music for a disco , there are different shows , banquets , striptease, basically here snacks , canapes and fruit.

Address: Seifullina 555a, Tel.:+7 (727) 317 95 03

Petroleum Night Club is a very cool club for 180 people , place where the famous DJ’s play , only one disco in town, mostly  Japanese- European cuisine

Address: Shevchenko, Tel.: +7 (727) 261-3535

Club Black & White, it is in the heart of almaaty mainly club decorated in white and black colors . Dancing on a bar counter , young , beautiful girls ,and show various programs, cuisine is different European and Caucasian .Club music playing , DJs . Classy place .

Address: Shevchenko, Tel.:+7 ( 727) 292-54-21

Club DON’T WORRY PAPA is the largest, 800 square meters , a very nice bar .

Address: Gogol Street,  Tel.:+7 701 208 333 9