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Rent a car Astana/Nur-Sultan, Almaty: Car rental
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Aktau car rent from Naniko

Orders are reliable and affordable from world wide Car Rental company Naniko in Aktau.
When renting a exquisite car in Aktau , company Naniko is at your location 24/7. We’ll provide you a luxury and impeccably comfortable vehicles at low prices.
Naniko is the head car hire provider on the Aktau ,Almaty, Astana and through out the Kazakstan market. Our qualified well organised professional experts take pride of showing you our vehicles of any class and production with additional devices .Insurance and Tax are included in the rent rate. When booking confirmed, our respected representative delivers the vehicle any time and location in the country.
When trusting our company you choose : all day round customer support ,comfortable cars ,unlimited mileage , spectacular prices, rental with driver, short period and long period lease, additional accessories.
International leading companies guaranteed Naniko a important step towards their transportation and realization plans.

When awaiting for quality, professionalism and international standards, Naniko is the company to deal with when renting cars.

Representing Naniko pride and responsibility, we implement high class service to clients.