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Car leasing in Kazakhstan, Almaty, Astana

Worldwide car rental company  NANIKO in Kazakhstan specializes in cars leasing .

The company offers operational and financial leasing cars .

Leasing – a convenient system for the acquisition of a vehicle for entrepreneurs and legal entities. Today , leasing is very popular and allows businesses to save on costs and tax update the fleet as needed. Individuals who do not want to do at the same time large payment , and can take advantage of leasing on the basis of a subsequent purchase the car .

What is the difference between operating and capital leasing ?

Operating leasing :

• Leasing contract term is set less than the useful life of the machine

• The car on the end of the lease returned to the lessor and  at the request of the another leasee may again be put into leasing

• Operational leasing a vehicle is its long-term lease

• The lessee is not responsible for insurance  and  maintenance

• All risks that can occur with the machine lays on the lessor

• The lessee may terminate the contract if the machine is technically faulty and can not be restored

Capital leasing

• At the end of the contract the car becomes the property of the lessee , provided that he pay all residual value

• Leasing contract term shall be restricted for the full depreciation

•The agreement makes to purchase cars in the future

• In the event of early termination of the contract , the entire responsibility incurs lessee

• Proposal for a finance lease is prepared individually to the requested car lessee , the latter may opt for any desired car, there are no restrictions

If you wish, take advantage of leasing a car , you can send your request to our e- mail address  and get the scheme with miscalculations .