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Car Rental Almaty Airport

Almaty is the southern capital of Kazakhstan. Wide roads, lots of greenery, more than 120 fountains, and even celebration of fountain day on May 25, the cable car leading to Kok-Tube the famous leisure area of Almaty citizens.

Almaty Airport is the first who welcomes the guests/ Airport exists since 1935, has a favorable geographical location, being located between Southeast Asia and Europe. The Great Silk Road from China has passed Almaty and continued in other countries.

The international airport “Almaty” is the largest in the country and ranks first in domestic and international passenger and cargo air transportation. The frequency is 12-15 runway operations per hour. Annually, the airport serves nearly 4 million passengers.

At the airport is also the base of military aviation.

Airfield can accept aircraft on meteorological conditions II and III.

Kazakh airport is out-of-class, and is used for the operation of all types of aircraft.

Several years ago was opened the additional runway, with modern air navigation equipment.

Installation of category IIIB ICAO in “Almaty” airport, the only such equipment the former Soviet Union area allowed the airport to be the one of the best airports in the world in terms of technical equipment.

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