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Kazakhstan, ancient state in Central Asia its unique for its man-made and natural monuments including the legendary lake Burabaj, stunning views of Charun river canyon.
This is particularly challenging Kazakh folklore and cuisine. National dance Kara Zhorga amazes visitors for centuries with its beauty and rhythm of music.
Cuisine rich with meat products find their funs I different countries. Especially characteristic of Kazakh cuisine is Kyardak – dish with stewed meat with onion, sometimes potatoes or pumpkin for more aroma.
Undoubtedly Kazakhstan pearl is Alamaty.
The city is located in the Alatay valley, city’s ensembles are striking in their variety.
Not far from the capital you can visit the beautiful reserve.
Being in Almaty you should see the Holy Ascension Cathedral. The church was built in honor of great martyrs Sophia and her three daughters Vera, Nadezhda and Lybov (Faith, Hope and Love). All of them are considered as patrons of Seven Rivers.
Ski resort Chimbulak warmly welcomes funs of skiing. The length of professional track is 3500 meters. Tracks slip can competite with the best European ski resorts.
On the banks of the country’s largest river is either a singing dune. During the wind dunes sand mass don’t move but produce characteristic sound like music or singing which can be heard far away from this place.
In Bayanaul mountains there are natural monuments of granite origin which have names for their unusual shapes: Stone Head, Dove and others.
Tourists love to visit Kazakhstan’s many lakes: Zhasybaj, Sabyndykol, Toraigyr, Burabaj with the most transparent water, Balkhash and others.
Among man-made monuments the most famous is Khodja Ahmed Yasavi mausoleum in southern Kazakhstan in Turkestan town.
Mausoleum is the part of Azret-Sultan Reserve.
Tamgali Petroglyphs do not required special praises – monument of rock art speaks for itself.
Tamgali located in the Seven Rivers and is listed in the UNESCO World heritage sites.
The main battlefield is located in Anrakay mountain region.
The number of figures is up to 2000: sun-head of pagan deities, warriors, lovers and many other scenes from ancient peoples’ life. Supposedly this place is an ancient pagan altar for sacrifices.
In addition to petroglyphs Tamgali is a place of ancient burial mounts and prehistorically era.
If you intent to view Kazakhstan’s most sites and monuments even one month is not enough period for your stay, but for more comfort we advise you to rent a car and drive by your own with GPS navigator or with chauffeur.
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