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About Almaty with Naniko

Almaata is a large impressive and major place on the value of Kazakhstan. There is more than half a million people from different nationalities. Previously, it was the leader city of Kazakhstan, in 1997 status of the city changed , but until today it is called the capital of the South . The city’s located in in the center of Eurasia at 600-900 meters above sea level , in the foothills of Trans-Ili Alatau , which is included in the Tien Shan , it is the second highest peak after the Pamirs. Alma- Ata is called the pearl , the region is surrounded by adventurous mountains, the Tien Shan spruce. There is very developed ski resorts , the most admired tourist attraction for outdoor enthusiasts in the mountains is Medeo , it is 1,700 meters above sea level . The city is filled with fountains , parks, buildings, unique architecture , the people are very hospitable , if a party to be in Kazakhstan, you will lay the table with a wealth of unique national dishes . Also active holiday in the mountains , you can also get great pleasure cultural holiday , in Alma-Ata lot of theaters, museums , galleries, water parks , restaurants, plus the weather  here is perfect , very little rain in the summer and in the winter a lot of snow . Almaty is a city where you can both passively and actively relax and remember long and long.

Attractions in Alma-Ata

Alma- Ata green, sunny city , this city 150 years of history and many attractions , monuments , contrasting architecture , old buildings with rich architecture and ultra-modern high rise building. House officers meeting was built by architect Zenkov , here is a museum of musical instruments. Just Holy Ascension Orthodox Cathedral , it was built in 1907 and it is also one of the unique wooden monument in the world . In the 28 Panfilov Park is eternal flame is alwyas burning in memory of those lost in the battle for Moscow in the second world war . In Almaata in 1999 opened the Central Mosque , marble , on national motives and she tsanaya huge in Kazakhstan. The city has also synagogues , Buddhist temples . at Night enjoy good overview from Koktyube you can take cable car. It may be noted Republic Square , where there is a monument to Independence . Palace of the Republic , the main concert hall . In the mountains there is an observatory on the pass Asa ibid. sports center, an ice stadium, ski station and unique landscape .