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Rent a car in Tbilisi – Compare the best car rental offers with Naniko

The capital of Georgia with one and a half million of populace, the city of Tbilisi has deep historical roots, since its foundation in the fifth century. The strategic location of Tbilisi at the crossroads betwixt Europe and Asia, has contributed over the centuries to the formation of a highly saturated and interesting history and unique culture heritage. The numerous sights and unique architectural style of the old city make Tbilisi very attractive from the point of view of tourism. After experiencing a phase of economic recovery, to date, in reality, tourism is listed among the strengths of the country.

Although the capital is well equipped with various means of public transport, for greater efficiency, many visitors prefer to use car rental services in Tbilisi, which allows you to cover more possible routes and is more economical in comparison with taxi services. It is quite simple to provide a car for rent in Tbilisi with the help of online booking through the site of the company of Naniko. And, thus, arriving at the airport or any other place, you can immediately get behind the wheel of a rented car.

With services from Naniko, it will be easy for you to choose the car that suits you according to your travel style and does not go beyond the budget. Through the convenient filters of our system, you only need to specify the dates and choose the category of the vehicle and at the display will be shown all available options.
After you have thoroughly enjoyed all the charms of the capital, you will be given freedom of movement also in the direction of other cities and regions of the country. Since Naniko’s representative offices exist in different cities, you can also make a linear route if necessary. This means that if you get a car in Tbilisi, you can return it in Kutaisi, Batumi or in another place where the travel route ends.

Discover the whole world of possibilities with the help of car rent in Tbilisi from Naniko and travel without stress!

Our company always strives to provide its customers with the highest possible competitive tariffs, also preferential terms for regular customers. The simplest comparison of tariffs with other companies or agencies on car hire in Tbilisi, will be able to confirm that Naniko offers the most profitable packages of services at low prices.
Besides everything, you get a unique and permanent partner in our person that will satisfy all your mobility needs anywhere in Georgia, whether in cities, airports or train stations. A huge selection of the best quality cars is provided at your choice. But for greater safety and comfort, you will also be offered in our offices an assortment of various accessories and additional options, which include child car seats, GPS, additional trunks, winter attributes and much more.
For your business trip to Tbilisi, we will be able to provide a worthy choice of high-end cars or elegant sedans, which will add confidence to any important business you have planned. If necessary, you can use the services of our professional drivers and free yourself from the obligation to drive.

Just in a few simple steps you will get the best options for rent a car in Tbilisi, taking advantage of the convenience of the reservation system from Naniko!

The extensive fleet of Naniko gives you the opportunity to choose the most suitable car for your purposes, taking into account your travel goals. Starting from economical and compact cars and including capacious minibuses, we choose only the leading brands of automakers, which include Ford, Volkswagen, Volvo, BMW, Mercedes and much more.
The initially offered prices have already taken into account the full Casco insurance and provided unlimited mileage for all our cars. Our technical assistance team will always hurry to help you in case of any unforeseen malfunctions on the road.