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If you are tired of the directions of mass tourism and this time you are looking forward to visiting a special place where nature and culture are able to surprise anyone, then Uzbekistan is ideally suited to your desires. The country, located on the ancient Silk Road in the heart of Central Asia, crossed by two parallel flowing rivers, the Syr Darya and Amu Darya, is a country beckoning with rich history, religion and architecture that immerses you in the magical atmosphere of the times of Genghis Khan.

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Between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan in a very stormy and wild area, an immense salty lake extends, where you can enjoy the surrounding desert, staying comfortably in a tent. Just a few decades ago, it was one of the largest lakes in the world, but, unfortunately, today it is almost dry.

It is worth visiting the city of Shahrisabz – the birthplace of Tamerlane, where you can enjoy the remains of the 14th-century Al Sarah Palace, built by Tamerlane himself. There are mausoleums, an ancient bazaar and the Dorut Tilavat complex, emphasizing the special attractiveness of the place.

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During your trip, do not forget about the local traditional cuisine and try typical dishes. Among the most delicious national dishes, Osh made from lamb, rice, carrots and onions should be noted. Lamb dishes, shurpa kebabs, soups and more are widespread.